Stochastic system is a part or parts of which holds a random element associated with it.

We could possibly say that anything based on probability is stochastic in a broad sense. It is often used for describing and simulating the subject which is uncertain and heterogeneous with use of random variablesw, notably in contrast to deterministic systemw, input and outcome of which are fixed and certain. In such subject, we only can predict events at mcrolevel but not at microlevel. [1]

Architecture consists of multiple components spatially, structurally, and materially on different scales. There must be an abundant number of strategies as there are a variety of designers for these facets to be well-assembled and well-arranged. The stochastic system is also of help on this specific task, distributing parts in a natural manner, in other words, a “non-deterministic distribution”. In design, the system will not generate a complete picture of your resulting design out of the box, but will rather become a powerful complement to many complex systems, and will work competently with the likelihoods of events that the designer sets, according to the context.