Bloom Facade Form Material Program Structure
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2016-1-24  Zehao Qin 覃泽昊, Lina Zhao 赵莉娜


“Q City Plan” to encourage designers to spontaneously select the urban microenvironment, and update the program, after screening the final implementation of the construction, is a clever city acupuncture therapy.The lack of symbolic landscape, did not play the unique characteristics of Yantian District; many negative pedestrian space under the bridge is not fully utilized; beach plank tedious, lack of attractive stop to stay in space;

“趣城计划”鼓励设计师自发选取城市 微环境,并提出更新方案,经过筛选后 最终实施建造,是巧妙的城市针灸疗法。 标志性景观缺乏,没有发挥盐田区独有 的特色;许多消极的桥下人行空间没有 得到充分利用;海滨栈道单调乏味、缺 乏吸引人驻足停留的空间;许多街道景 观、小品设计细节不够完善等。

The project is affecting by several parameters like the Time, Light(Temperature)and function



The structure can provide the space for the visitors to stay, and the structure of the skin influenced by the temperature and let the pavilion become more reasonable and comfortable.




The changing position of the sunlight over time is the most important parameters affecting the design. The temperature caused by the sunlight is the second parameter affecting the structure. Both parameters affecting the skin design.





The sunlight will affects the temperature on the skin, and the structure of the skin “Bloom” will change by the temperature.


Influenced by the different parameters, the space under the pavilion will change automatically by these parameters,.


The changing time changes the public space, also the skin will create more unbelievable space and a new pavilion.


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