Dark Knight Planning

2017-2-24  Kaiqiang Su  苏凯强


The year is 2216. The crisis of global warming reaches a margin where Earth [Earth is capitalized when referring to it as a planet where we live.] is not sustainable to maintain any form of advanced life. This proposal is to develop a spacecraft to provide sufficient aids for the lives of both animals and animal keepers.

Animal life habits

I chose to carry bats into space. The bat is a very unique flying mammal. Through my research, I discovered three features of this species: (1) Bats sleep during the day and hunt at night; (2) When resting, they hang upside down from cave ceilings; (3) they have ultrasonic locating abilities. The design methodologies are dependent on these characteristics to make them suitable to living in outer space.

Design logic

  • The spacecraft will be divided into three functional blocks: the bat’s living space, the bat’s flight space, and human living space. The living space is surrounded by flying space.
  • To suit the bat’s bio-clock[Bio-clock is short of biological clock. Is this what you mean? Please spell out for clarity.], I use biomimicry strategies in the design, where the shape of the spacecraft mimics the moving wings of a bat. When the device is open, which simulates nighttime on Earth, bats can start hunting for food. It is noticeable that the exterior of the flying space is a membrane structure, also reflecting the body structure of bats. By contrast, during the daytime, the “door” closes and the interior of the wing space (living space) lights up, thus creating daylight simulation.
  • To take advantage of a bats ultrasonic locating ability: The human space shuttle creates the sonar with the coordinating frequency of bats so as to decrease the impact on their flight[Unclear. ]. The membrane structure can also be split off to allow the bats to fly in space. Then, through ultrasonic guidance, the bats can fly back home. (In 2216, bats have high-tech flying suits to help them survive in space, dealing with the pressure difference between inner body and the vacuum and allowing them to breathe freely.)

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